About Us

Welcome to the Kinderful website! The website where Parents build the future for their Children.

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Kinderful was created in 2014 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs (including one proud mother) who wanted to change the way parents plan their kids education path by providing a website which is easy to use and has the best education centre database in each country.

Parents are increasingly busy and have little time to dedicate to search hours online to find the perfect school for their child or chat with their friends to gather precious feedback. And recent studies show that Asian parents are spending billions of dollars on private tutors for their children. Extra academic work is aimed at helping slow learners and supporting high achievers, and is seen by many Asian parents as a constructive way for adolescents to spend their spare time.

In a world of increasing connectivity and pressure on kids education, we thought we could alleviate part of the pain through this humble platform!

PS: We love feedback: scream at us, give us ideas, or just share the love!