7 Ways to Cultivate Creativity with your Child

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Posted 6 years ago

Cultivating creativity in a child is one of the best gifts you can offer as a parent. There have been many studies done on this but figuring out how to do it can sometimes be daunting. We’ve put together a list of simple, easy to do tips to spark creativity in your child. Parents are strongly encouraged to do these activities regularly.

Reading is Teaching

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced a new policy in June 2014, recommending that all parents read to their children from birth, published by New York Times. The benefits are simple – your child will increased recognition, where is an important part of brain development that occurs in the 1st three years, enhances vocabulary and other develop independent readers. The American Academy represents 62,000 pediatricians in the U.S. It is important for them to be exposed to different topics and genres as this encourages curiosity and discovery.

Cultural Exposure

Exposing a child to different cultures is a fun and easy way drive creativity. Museums are an excellent place to start – cultural, art, design and science museums. If you live in or near a large city, you’ll find many different types of activity days where children take part in interactive projects and learn how to create their own masterpieces.

Children plays are an excellent way to introduce your child to the world of theatre. This is usually well-received by kids, who usually love the thrill of seeing live actors. Check out traditional productions in your city  such as well as new ones to present your child with a wide range of culture. If he or she shows interest, suggest a junior acting class or a small part in the next school or church play.

If your child loves singing and music, be sure to take them to few concerts. Encourage them at home by singing along with their (and your) favorite playlists. 

You can make your own home a culturally rich place in which your child can explore. Invest in some inexpensive copies of famous books, paintings or sculptures. Simply growing up in a culturally rich environment encourages a child’s own creative impulses.

Keep Them Supplied

Children’s art supplies are relatively inexpensive and can be found readily online and in stores. Consider keeping an age-appropriate art kit around at all times, ready at a moment’s notice whenever your child’s creative impulses strike. Drawing, painting and sculpting are all activities that even very young children enjoy. Be sure to praise your child’s creation in order to encourage more creativity in the future.

In order to access a wide range of supplies and some expert help, look to local library, art center and community center websites for children art sessions. These are usually very inexpensive (sometimes free), and often taught by local art teachers. Your child will learn techniques and be introduced to new mediums with each visit, opening their eyes to the vast array of potential forms of artistic expression.

Back to Nature 

Add nature walks a regular activity to your child’s regime (instead of always going to malls). On days when you can’t get outside or are short on time, try watching a nature documentary or reading a book about animals with your child.

As you explore nature, be sure to point out all the little detail through the walk – the colors and patterns of a butterfly’s wings, the leaves on a tree and the ever-changing colors and patterns of running water can all be incredible artistic inspiration, for adults as well as children! If you make nature walks part of your routine, point out how changing seasons affect these colors and patterns.

You can also make up nature games, such as challenging your child to see how many different colored birds they can spot (‘I spy with my little eye’) then trying to draw and color those birds when you return home.

Building Creativity with Toys

Creativity is limited to the arts, history or science. Some children are more inclined towards building blocks, legos or other “construction” toys. Encourage them to use several different types of mediums in the same project, such as using sculpting clay to “glue” portions of a plastic block castle together, or painting a colorful scene of grass, flowers and a moat for under the castle.

Online Creativity

Children today have been steeped in technology since birth, so it only makes sense to encourage their creativity in this way as well. Some blogging sites allow a blog to be kept strictly private, or accessible to only a few people (such as immediate family and grandparents).

Starting up a family blog is a great way not only to encourage the family bond, but also to help foster creative tech skills. Depending on their age and skill level, kids can take photos to post, design pages and write posts about what’s going on in family life. In addition to strengthening a wide variety of skills like communication and online safety, these blogs will make wonderful keepsakes which can be looked back on in later years. Some suggestions are:

Draw My Life is a popular activity on YouTube, with online personalities drawing their entire lives using only pictures. You can challenge your child with this same activity. Encourage them to add captions and speech bubbles to narrate the pictures. Not only does this give you an incredible source of insight into how you child sees the world, but it shows her that words and pictures can be used to express herself – not just as ways to entertain herself.

Written by our team at Kinderful.com


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Johnny Rambo commented 6 years ago

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7 Ways to Cultivate Creativity with your Child

Cultivating creativity in a child is one of the best gifts you can offer as a parent. There have been many studies done on this but figuring out how to do it can sometimes be daunting. We’ve put together a list of simple, easy to do tips to spark creativity in your child. Parents are strongly encouraged to do these activities regularly.

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