How to find a maid in Singapore and the costs involved ?

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Posted 4 years ago

Hi Parents,

If you are currently looking for a maid to support you with your child, stop right here as we will walk you through the different ways to get a maid in Singapore and provide other tips such as the cost, and answer some of the questions you might have in mind.

The first step would probably be to define what type of maid services you are looking for: do you require some experience taking care of your children, or is it only for housekeeping tasks? Then you will want to match the background of the maid to your needs by asking about her former employers since it will impact the way she works or cooks perhaps.

Most maids in Singapore come from the Philippines or Indonesia and more rarely from Sri-lanka.

In order to find a helper a few choices exist, we have listed them for you below:

  1. Going through a maid agency
    • Using the government’s MOM EA Directory which lists all the officially approved agencies. For better efficiency of your search we recommend you to search using the following settings:
      • Agency Experience: More than 5 years
      • Then select all the options except “FW Placement Volume”
    • If you want a generic list of Maid Agencies you can follow this link :
    • Another way to directly scout for the agency of your choice is to go and visit them in Far East Plaza or Lucky Plaza mall (typically where all the maids hang out on Sundays). There you can chose from catalogues and have formal interviews with the helper of your choice.
  2. Word of mouth or advertisement in forums (e.g. expat forums, classifieds, local supermarket boards)
    • One platform that you can use is the classifieds website although you’ll find it painful to navigate through all their ads
  3. On-line platforms for part-time maids and cleaners
    • is a start-up that helps you find a cleaner in no time. However you might be paying slightly above market rates for the convenience of the service. The great thing is that they are available on mobile. Pricing: Fixed rate of $18/hr onwards.
    • is a part-time maid cum nanny agency specializing in domestic home cleaning, spring cleaning, babysitting and confinement services for mothers. Pricing: The one-off agency fee is $338 onwards. Weekdays are from $16/hr onwards, and Weekends/Public Holidays/Weekday Nights are from $18/hr onwards.
    • helps you find part-time maids, regular housekeeping cleaners as well as babysitters. We like the convenience but find the pricing to be slightly on the higher side compared to some of the other platforms. Pricing: They have a one-off agency fee of $208. Hourly rates are for weekdays: $15/hr, weekends: $16/hr, Public Holidays or weekday nights: $20/hr.
    • another start-up that helps you choosing a cleaning service that you need and get up to 5 quotations from different cleaning providers that you can select from.
  4. On-line maid agencies platforms:
    • provides Foreign Domestic Workers (e.g. maids) and the good thing about them is that you can browse their online catalogue of helpers with transparency on the pricing. Pricing: The one-off agency fee ranges from $28-$988. Salaries range from $420-$600+ per month.
    • another agency that has quite a few listings of maids. Pricing: The one-off agency fee ranges from $800 to $1200. Salaries range from $420 to $600+ per month.
    • works a bit like an ads board where you can see maids messages looking for work or where you can post your criteria to find the right match. They also let you see the maids profiles ahead of the recruitment. Salaries start from $500 per month. Pricing: From $600 one-off fee.
    • is another maid agency listing several maids profiles to chose from with the indicative pricing

What is the cost of a maid?

You can either hire a maid full time or part time. Part time helper services, which are typically for regular cleaning jobs are priced between $12.5 up to $20 per hour. For a full time maid we recommend you to go through an agency which will facilitate the process for you. The cost of hiring a full time helper in Singapore should range from $450 up to $650 depending on the level of experience.

Usually Filipino maids will cost more than Indonesian or Sri-Lanka maids, mainly due to the fact that the Philippines Embassy imposes minimum salaries and skill wise they would have much better command of English and an overall better education.

Additional costs to consider:

  • a round trip flight to the home country of the maid is expected to be paid by the employer, and if the maid chooses not to return an equivalent amount of the ticket should be compensated in cash
  • you will need to pay a $265 levy to the government per month (some Levy concessions exist, please refer to the MoM website )
  • you need to post a security deposit or immigration bond of $5000 in case the maid breaks the law or you fail to repatriate her when her work permit expires.
  • the agency fees which should be around $500 to $800
  • the agent fees do not include other miscellaneous items such as the insurance or the MOM fees.
  • if you hire a new maid (meaning a helper who is not yet in Singapore) additional costs will add up such as the helper’s loan that can range between $1300 to $1600 . Therefore you can save quite a lot of money by hiring a transfer maid but keep in mind that if this maid is transferring it is for particular reasons: either she could not acclimate well or she could not cope with the work given with the previous employer.
  • Although not cost related, time is money, and it can take from 6 weeks to 2 months to get your helper starting. My contacts tell me that a maid from Myanmar could be faster.

We hope those tools and tips will help you find the best maid to take care of your children and house, and don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you have your own tips to share!

This article was written by the Arthur @ Kinderful team.

PS: Feel free to comment and flag if you feel any info is not accurate! 🙂



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