Agape Education & Training Group has a call of ‘unconditional love’ to provide learning and training to every person - a child, a parent or an adult. We hope to bring out the fullest potential of every person and improve the life of every family, with a special focus to enhance the social, emotional and personal well-being of every person. Through this journey, each person is equipped to build a strong family of love and thus build a stronger community.

In Agape Education & Training Group we are committed to nurture the hearts, minds and hands of every child for future success so that they will be confident in meeting the challenges ahead of life. Harnessing the support of parents and teachers, we aspire to build every child’s self-confidence, encourage them to explore the world around them and train them how to order their behaviour and emotions, express themselves and get along with others. We aim to train every child to make good choices in life so that when they are older, they will remain upon it.


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Nice place for kids by John 7 years ago  


Really like the team there for my son

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Joo Chiat Community Centre, 405 Joo Chiat Rd, 427633

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