Oodles Learning, as the name depicts, - “loads of learning” brings to your child a positive skill-based learning experience which is the essence of your child’s academic development.

At Oodles Learning, we only conduct quality and proven programmes hence our accreditation as the certified tuition partner of onSponge, the developer and propriety owner of the renowned thinkingMath programme that is widely adopted by educators, parents and learners.

Our coaches though possess the relevant background and experience in teaching are selected stringently, assessed and trained rigorously to ensure consistent quality in delivery of lessons to bring out the best in every child.

Our materials are exclusively designed and developed by content professionals who boast of decades of experience in content development, publishing and curriculum design.

Above all, our coaching team at Oodles Learning is dedicated to their cause - unleashing the potential in every child regardless. In support of that, we are also

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